The Benefits of a Responsive Web Design

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Web Design | 0 comments

Responsive web design has become the industry standard. However, instead of making the website responsive, it is essential to understand the benefits of responsive web design. The post below covers 7 such benefits that make responsive web design a necessity.

1.   Improves user experience on any device

A usual non-responsive website offers an excellent user experience on laptops and desktops. However, when one visits such a website from a smartphone or tablet, the website layout goes haywire, and they won’t be able to view it appropriately. On the flip side, responsive websites will work well on any device and offer a superior user experience.

2.   Better ranking

Many search engines like Google have adopted the mobile-first indexing approach. They are likely to index the mobile or smartphone version of the website rather than the desktop one. A responsive website will easily get indexed and will rank better than the non-responsive one.

3.   High conversion rate

Static websites that do not display appropriately on smartphones or tablets will have a low conversion rate since at least 30% of the traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. The mobile responsive websites get a high conversion rates and more customers to increase the business, irrespective of their device.

4.   Fast loading speed

A mobile-responsive website has few elements as compared to a desktop-only website. It loads faster and lowers the bounce rate. Therefore, such a website ranks better and enhances the user experience thus, adding to the earnings per visitor of the website.

5.   Better social media connectivity

Most social media networks have a superior mobile app experience. The users also browse them through their smartphones. Users are likely to share the content on their social media accounts if they come across a responsive website. Not only that, these websites integrate their social media accounts right into the homepage and every other page. That way, such websites drive more traffic from social media networks, which is possible only with a responsive website.

6.   Easy to maintain

Designing a website takes a lot of effort. Making it responsive right from the start reduces the need for frequent testing. Frequent testing can increase the maintenance and downtime of the website. Instead, maintenance is easy when the site is responsive right from the start.

7.   Better offline browsing experience

Smartphones these days are compatible with HTML 5. When the website is responsive, HTML5 compatible smartphones can save most content elements offline when the user visits the website. The next time the user revisits the website, most elements will load due to the HTML5 web application, even when the internet connection is bad. In a nutshell, responsive websites offer a better offline browsing experience.

With so many different benefits of a mobile responsive website, there is no reason why you shouldn’t design a responsive website. Instead of trying to, later on, make the website responsive, it is best to do so from the start because of better user experience, better ranking potential, low maintenance, and better offline browsing experience.